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The Bloomsday Interview: Geoff Dyer in Conversation with Mark O'Connell


In association with Dublin UNESCO City of Literature


Join us for the annual Bloomsday Interview featuring one of literature’s most mischievous genre-demolishers, Geoff Dyer. Sitting down with Mark O’Connell in Joyce’s alma mater, Belvedere College, the conversation will range from the prevailing influence of Joyce and Ulysses to Dyer’s inventive corrosion of the barriers between fiction and non-fiction, the importance of travel as a means to step outside of oneself, and what has compelled him to range across subjects from literary criticism to jazz and photography.

Geoff Dyer is a man the Chicago Tribune describes as “one of the funniest writers alive.” He’s the author of four novels and nine works of nonfiction. He is currently writer in residence at the University of Southern California and lives in Los Angeles. His books have been translated into twenty-four languages.

Mark O’Connell is Slate’s book columnist and a regular contributor to publications such as the New Yorker and the Observer. His book To Be a Machine was recently published by Penguin Random House.

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The Poppie Joyce Tapes


In 1909 James Joyce’s sister, Margaret Alice ‘Poppie’ Joyce, migrated to New Zealand as a young nun, never to return to her homeland. Only two years younger than her brother, she experienced the hardships of a chaotic and tragic family life – the very stuff that Joyce mined for his great fictional projects. She spoke about her life, her brother and his works shortly before her death in 1964 in interviews with the Australian Franciscan priest, Godfrey Ainsworth. Now these recently re-discovered tapes are being preserved and made available to the public by the James Joyce Centre in 2017 in partnership with the School of English, Trinity College Dublin.

Join us for this very special talk by the Centre’s Director, Mark Traynor, which will feature excerpts from these unique recordings. Discover the evocative memories of this extraordinary woman who left her family to find a new life at the other end of the world. This event will mark the first public broadcasting of the tapes and advance booking is strongly recommended.

With special thanks to Diane Sadler (School of English, Trinity College Dublin) and Lucy Byrne.

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Joycean Pub Crawl (12 June)


Dublin is renowned for its pub culture and, fittingly, Joyce captured a little bit of that culture in the pages of Ulysses. Some of the most important scenes in the novel take place in public houses, whether it’s the famous lunch enjoyed by Bloom in Davy Byrne’s, the musical interlude in the bar of the old Ormond Hotel in the ‘Sirens’ episode or the run-in with the nationalistic Citizen in Barney Kiernan’s of Little Britain Street. So what better way to discuss Joyce than over a few pints of plain?

Join our guide on a tour to some of Dublin's best-loved pubs and learn all about the life and times of the author in the establishments that inspired his work. You'll take in bars like the Gresham Hotel, Mulligan's and of course Davy Byrne's, where Leopold Bloom takes his lunch with a tipple. You’ll have fun, make friends, learn something and most likely forget it again before morning!

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James Joyce & the Irish Literary Revival Tour


James Joyce grew up in a Dublin where politics, art and culture were intrinsic parts of everyday life and conversation. Nationalism was on the rise and, in the world of literature, artists were engaging with ideas of Irish identity, experience and consciousness in what was known as the Irish Literary Revival. Joyce was certainly influenced by these themes, but his relationship with his peers and his nation proved to be complex. Join us on a tour that explores how Joyce took inspiration from Revivalists like WB Yeats while also rejecting contemporary artistic trends. We'll also look at Joyce's critical approach to his native city and the factors that led to his decision to live out his life in Continental Europe. Stops on the tour include the GPO, the Abbey Theatre and the National Library.

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Footsteps of Leopold Bloom Tour


The 'Lestrygonians' episode of Ulysses sees Leopold Bloom make his way through the city centre on his way from Middle Abbey Street to the National Library. As he begins to feel the rumblings of hunger, his thoughts become centred on the social, political cultural and religious significance of food; as he goes on to think, food underlies all relations to the extent that 'peace and war depend on some fellow's digestion'. Bloom's musings on the importance of food are mixed with a commentary on the architecture that surrounds him, emphasising Dublin's position as a colonial city. Join our guide as we follow in Bloom's footsteps and discuss these thoughts, focusing on Joyce's effort to bring the unsavoury workings of the body into a work of art and use food as the basis of a political and social commentary.

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Dubliners Women (6 - 17 June)

  • Bewleys Cafe Theatre, Powerscourt Centre (map)
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After a successful run in December 2016, Sarah Baxter’s Dubliners Women returns to the stage for this year’s Bloomsday Festival. An immersive dive into the hidden worlds of ‘Eveline’, ‘Clay’ and ‘The Boarding House’, three short stories from Joyce’s world-renowned collection Dubliners, this show shines a light on the female narratives in the stories and their resonances with the Ireland of today.

Adapted by Katie O'Kelly

Directed by Sarah Baxter


Madi O'Carroll, Katie O'Kelly and Gordon Quigley

Costume Design - Barbara McCarthy

Lighting Design - Cathy O'Carroll

Stage Manager - Céin Sookram

Producer - Clara Purcell

Graphic Design - Conor Gallagher

"[This] production of three of Joyce's Dubliners is a credit to the great man..."

"...A delicate, balanced and wistful evening of theatre"

"...[Joyce] would have felt his immortal stories well served by this production, lit as well as it is directed and played"


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