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Bella Cohen's Bloomsday Blowout (Bookings Closed, Limited Availability on the Door)


Back in 1904, the ‘Monto’ area of Dublin was Europe’s largest red-light district. Joyce called it ‘Nighttown’, which was slang amongst journalists for the night shift. The surreal and energetic ‘Circe’ episode of Ulysses unravels on its fantastical streets. “The famished snaggletusks of an elderly bawd protrude from a doorway.”

Bella Cohen’s Bloomsday Blowout is a literary salon with extra O! Who’s getting it up? Hosted by Dublin’s favourite drag king Phil T Gorgeous, it’s a glorious convergence of Bloomsday adventurers and chancers. In one moment it’s an intimate evening of readings and song. In the next it’s shape-shifting midsummer madness.

The dead come to life. The daughters of Erin parody the Celtic Revival. Respectable Dublin ladies become pantomime dames. Three hundred voices sing ‘Love’s Old Sweet Song.’

“God save Leopold the First!”

Bella Cohen’s Bloomsday Blowout is bursting with readings, performances, song, audience participation, comedic interludes and music. All held together yet dragged apart by MC Phil T Gorgeous. Performers include Songs of Joyce, Brian Gilligan, the singer/actor currently starring in Assassins in the Gate, and Burlesque stars Bella Agogo, Azaria Starfire and Bonnie Boux.

Peter Murphy- writer and actor 

 Let this literary adventure suck you down the rabbit hole into Joyce’s Dublin.

“Has little mousey any tickles tonight?”


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The Joyce of Whiskey Deluxe in Association with Irish Food Trail - SOLD OUT!

  • Meeting Point: Dublin Castle (Palace St Entrance) (map)
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Whiskey flows through Joyce’s works, from the stories of ‘The Sisters’ and ‘Counterparts’ to the life-giving elixir at the heart of Finnegans Wake. In fact, so central was it to his last work that, when proposing the ill-conceived notion of having fellow novelist James Stephens finish Finnegans Wake as his health declined, Joyce quipped that it would be apt to have "J J and S" under the title – a reference to one of Dublin’s most famous whiskey distillers, John Jameson & Sons. Whiskey also had an important historical and biographical significance for Joyce, whose father was secretary of the Dublin and Chapelizod Distillery Co and whose maternal grandfather John Murray once acted as sales representative for Powers.

Join us on this special jaunt around the capital’s bars to celebrate the many allusions to distilleries and whiskey in Joyce’s works whilst discovering Dublin’s rich whiskey culture. This two-hour tour will be led by a local expert and features stops at three Irish pubs where you can sample two unique Irish whiskeys and sample some delicious tasting plates of local food.

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Bloomsday Readings & Songs at Wolfe Tone Square


A long-standing and treasured tradition, this afternoon of songs, readings and performances from Ulysses in the heart of the city is an essential part of the Bloomsday experience. Featuring a chaotic cast of noted Irish actors, politicians, musicians, pundits, procrastinators and everyone in between, this is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the book amongst seasoned Joycean veterans and Bloomsday beginners alike.

This year, we’ll have Peter Murphy at the helm at our new location in Wolfe Tone Square. Peter is a writer, spoken-word performer and actor. He is the author of two novels, John the Revelator (2009) and Shall We Gather at the River (2013), both published by Faber & Faber. His non-fiction has appeared in Rolling Stone, the Guardian and the Irish Times. He performs under the name 'Cursed Murphy', and is currently at work on his third book. His short story ‘The Dead’, a ‘cover version’ of Joyce’s classic, was included in the 2014 publication Dubliners 100 (Tramp Press).

And here is the line-up of readers:

Poet Elaine Feeney
Andrej Kapor and Lena Chen from Poetry Brothel Dublin
Writer Christine Dwyer Hickey

Poet Jessica Traynor- poet 

Senator David Norris 

James Joyce lookalike John Shevlin  

Actor Stephen Quinn 

Writer Alan McMonagle

Writer, playwright, director and film maker Gerry Stembridge

Writer, playwright and poet Dermot Bolger

YA writer Dave Rudden 

Writer Paul Murray

Actress Hilda Fay

Actress, comedian and writer Tara Flynn

Writer June Caldwell

Actress Leah Minto

Actress and comedian Katherine Lynch

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10:30 AM10:30

Bloomsday at the James Joyce Centre - SOLD OUT!


What with our Bloomsday Breakfasts and Afternoon Teas, we’re going to be pretty hectic at the James Joyce Centre this Bloomsday, but we’re offering a limited number of places for special guided visits on the day.

After a brief introduction from our guide, you can explore our Ulysses exhibition, check out the table where Joyce worked on Finnegans Wake and rap at the door of No. 7 Eccles Street. Be sure to be in your best Bloomsday getup for the cameras!

Places are limited - advance booking is strongly recommended. Can’t pop in on the day? No problem - the Centre is open 7 days a week throughout the summer.

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The Abbey Theatre Present: Staging Joyce - Dermot Bolger & Ferdia MacAnna

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Celebrate Bloomsday at the Abbey Theatre by stepping onto the stage and into the world of Ulysses.
Take your seat facing Molly Bloom’s bed and the bar of the Ormond Hotel for lively conversation and insight with authors Dermot Bolger and Ferdia MacAnna. Up for discussion is the influence of James Joyce, the inspiration of Dublin city, and the challenges of adapting Ulysses for the stage – from Bolger’s critically-acclaimed production currently back for another run, to the famous and controversial stagings of Ulysses in Nighttown at the Abbey directed by Ferdia’s father, the late Tomás MacAnna.

Tickets: €15 / Conc. €13

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Bloomsday Body Painting Jam with Dublin Body Paint (Bookings Closed)

Body Painting Jam Web.png

Join Dublin Body Paint this Bloomsday for a celebration of the nutty and absurd in James Joyce’s masterpiece. At this very special jam, artists will be provided with a theme or character from Ulysses for inspiration; whether it’s a two-headed octopus, a circus ringmaster, a zombie, or a talking bar of lemon soap, you can bring your imagination literally to life this Bloomsday. Artists will be matched with models on the day and photographers are invited to join in later to capture this transient art form.

At 4pm, participating models and artists will be invited to join in a street carnival parade through the city to show off their work and help bring the Bloomsday spirit to the streets!

Models: You don't need to be a 'model'  to become a model for the day. You are beautiful just as you are. This is a non-judgemental and safe environment so time to enjoy and get creative.

Artists: Whether you fancy picking up a brush for the first time since the Junior Cert, or are a seasoned professional, you are welcome to join in! Artists will need your own body painting kit, but one can be rented from us for the day.

A few questions answered...

Q Can I come and watch? 
No. This is not a spectator sport. If your name is not on the list then you’re not getting in. Our door man is under strict instructions.

Q Will everyone be running around in the nip? 
There won't be nudity at this event.

Q Is there an age limit? 

Yes. Everyone must be over 18.

Q Will I get a lunch break? 

You can take as many breaks as you like between yourself and the person you're partnered with. We will provide a light lunch of sandwiches, fruit, tea, coffee & bikkies!

Info for artists:

Q I've never body painted before, but I'd love to try it out. Can I still come?
Of course! This is a great place to try it out for the first time. There's no pressure, so you can take your time and work at your own pace. Try out some new techniques , or just wing it and have a bit of an ol' paint.

Q Will the paint be provided?
We have materials provided for the day.

Info for models:

Q Do I have to be naked?
Not at all! Do whatever you feel comfortable with. Seriously, don't feel pressured into anything. Keep in mind though, no one is there to judge you. Anyone acting inappropriately will be asked to leave. And seriously, after the first few hours you won't even notice the bodies, only the art and beauty.

Q So if I'm not naked what will I wear?

We'd recommend a white or flesh coloured cotton thong/g-string. Wear briefs or boxers if it would make you more comfortable. If you get to talk to the artist you'll be paired up with before the event, lead with this discussion. Some artists like to make a feature out of your underwear, work it into the design, or get a wig in a matching colour. If in doubt bring a few options, perhaps including your favourite pair. Because who doesn't feel like a million dollars in that special pair of pants?

Q Does the paint wash off easily? 
Sometimes. Some colours can stain. They mostly wash off, but I'm not going to lie - it's not an exact science. I wouldn't plan your wedding the following day or the photoshoot for your swimsuit calendar. The blues and blacks are pretty bad, but the glitter can be the worst. You may be sweating glitter for a few days.Or you may be fine. 

Photographers will join from about 2pm to start taking photos of finished work. 

If you are not comfortable parading through Dublin City in nothing but your underwear that is fine. There is no pressure on anyone to do it but we hope to get a party going!

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