Dublin’s literary street carnival celebrating James Joyce’s iconic novel Ulysses.

Exploring James Joyce Ulysses on streets of Dublin.jpg

Ireland has a vibrant tradition of literature and story-telling. From the mythical poetry of W.B. Yeats to the witty plays of Oscar Wilde, and the gritty writing of Brendan Behan, Irish writers are world famous. Many of these writers have been inspired by Dublin, but none more so than the author James Joyce, who is known for capturing the city’s characters and stories. Every year in June, the Bloomsday Festival takes over the fair city of Dublin with a colourful celebration of Joyce’s iconic novel Ulysses.

When I die Dublin will be written in my heart - James Joyce

Each year visitors make a pilgrimage to Dublin, a UNESCO City of Literature, to experience this literary street carnival from as far afield as Brazil, Australia, and the United States of America. During the Bloomsday Festival (11 - 16 June), locals and visitors alike immerse themselves by dressing up like the characters, eating food mentioned in the book, visiting the authentic locations where the novel takes place, and re-enacting scenes from the text. It’s a wonderful way to get under the skin of the city and explore the sights and sounds of Ireland past and present through the eyes of one of her beloved writers.

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