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Bloomsday Film Festival: Adam & Paul/An Encounter

Irish Institute of Film

June 16th, 18:20 – Adam & Paul/An Encounter

20th anniversary screening of Lenny Abrahamson’s first feature. Written by Mark O’Halloran about the addicts he encountered in Dublin’s inner city, it follows the Ulyssean wanderings of Adam and Paul through the streets of Dublin looking for their next fix. It is an astonishing work shot through with an absurdist and often comic vision in the service of a deeply sensitive portrait of drug addiction with utterly convincing central performances of O’Halloran and the late, wonderful Tom Murphy.

Also screening: An Encounter. An adaptation by Mark O’Halloran of Joyce’s unsettling short story. Dir. Kelly Campbell, 20 mins, Ireland, 2022 35mm.

An introduction by Mark O’Halloran will explore Joycean connections.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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  • 16 June, 2024
6:20 pm8:20 pm


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