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Bloomsday Film Festival: The Disembodied Adventures of Alice

Irish Institute of Film

June 16th, 15:20 – The Disembodied Adventures of Alice

This hallucinatory trip, an adult fairytale, travels through a long, dark night conjuring otherworldly scenes of kink, gender-swapping, mental illness, loss and loneliness. Reimagining Lewis Carroll’s iconic Alice, the film’s protagonist journeys though a warren of bewildering scenarios where she encounters characters who are at once beguiling and alienating – gliding, writhing, gorging, dancing, and uttering passages from Joyce’s Finnegans Wake. Their world promises as much danger as sensual delight. This is the first feature film from Cléa van der Grijn, an internationally acclaimed, award-winning, visual artist and independent film maker based in Sligo.

Cléa van der Grijn will join a post-screening Q&A with Tommy Creagh, director of the Bloomsday Film Festival.

Notes by Sunniva O’Flynn

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  • 16 June, 2024
3:20 pm5:20 pm


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