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Bloomsday in Logroño

Penelope’s Dream. An opera based on James Joyce’s Ulysses. Libretto and music by Pedro Halffter. 15 June 2024 at 8pm, Bréton Theatre.

The opera is inspired by the figure of Molly Bloom, the female protagonist of Ulysses. This monologue is a stream of consciousness in which Molly, Leopold Bloom’s wife, offers us a window into her interiority, a powerful voice that challenges imposed social and cultural norms.

Written for two pianos and soprano, through three sung scenes and three musical interludes, Molly remembers her youth in Gibraltar, her relationship with Leopold, her dreams, desires and frustrations and reflects on her own sexuality and femininity.

Halffter’s music creates an emotional atmosphere that reflects the moods and emotions of the character. Her music has been praised for its originality and its ability to capture the essence of the Penelope myth in a modern and relevant way. With its haunting music and powerful narrative, Penelope’s Dream offers a unique and moving interpretation of one of the most iconic stories in classic literature.

Ashley Bell (soprano), Héctor Duro (actor), Pedro Halfter (piano 1), Juan Carlos Garbayo (piano 2).

Tickets are €20.

  • 15 June, 2024
8:00 pm9:00 pm

  • Theatre of Bretón de los Herreros, Calle Bretón de los Herreros, Logroño, Spain

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