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Bloomsday in Málaga

As usual we will be celebrating James Joyce’s novel ULYSSES on the 16TH June once again in the beautiful setting of Baños del Carmen in Málaga city.

This year we are supported by the University of Malaga, Morrissey’s Irish Bar as well as Delfin English School in Dublin.


Why 16th of June

That’s the date the novel is set on. It encompasses normal everyday events during a single day in the life of Dubliners on Thursday, 16th June 1904.

The principal action follows Leopold Bloom and the young teacher/poet Stephen Dedalus as they wander separately around Dublin crossing paths and finally meeting where they talk about various subjects including Religion History Politics Sex and more.

Published in 1922 it was groundbreaking at the time as Joyce used a different style of English for each of the 18 episodes and introduced a literary technique called ‘stream of consciousness” or internal monologue as a way to understand and explain what was going on in the mind of the main protagonist Mr Leopold Bloom.


Program for Sunday June 16th 11.30 am  Banos del Carmen

Ray Smyth and Carlos Pérez Torres will present the agenda of readings and songs and introduce Dr Rosario Arias who recently hosted a two day seminar entitled ‘Un Siglo de James Joyce’ at the University.

There will be readings from 9 of the 18 episodes starting with episode one “Telemachus” to episode eighteen “Penelope” or as it is better known in Spain as “La Noche de Molly Bloom”.

The connection with Spain is highlighted in various episodes and students from the University will perform these segments.

Episode 1 “Telemachus” – read by Menchu in Spanish and Garret in English

Episode 3 “Proteus”/ explanation By Antonio and read by Emmet

“Proteus” is one of the most dense and difficult parts to understand  however Antonio Saenz Camacho will provide a brief explanation before the reading which will be both in Spanish and English.



Throughout Ulysses, food plays an important role in reveling characters personalities


Episode “Calypso”.

The famous Kidney Break will be cooked and presented by the management of Banos del Carmen. Those famous lines ‘ Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and foul “ etc will be read in 5 different languages’ as well as readings from episode 8 Lestrygonians where Bloom orders a gorgonzola cheese sandwich and a glass of Burgundy.

Episode 9 “Scylla and Charybdis” Reading by Stephen in English

Episode 10 “Wandering Rocks” / Reading by Coleman

Episode 12 “Cyclops”  readings Emmet in |English and Carlos in Spanish

Episode 13 ´”Nauicaa” 2 readings Erica in Italian, John in English

Episode 16 “Eumaes” ; Readings by Rory in English,  2 students from University of Malaga, in Spanish

Episode 18 “Penelope” 4 readings lara and Menchu in Spanish Molly and Elaine in English

As we move through the novel we get to probably the most popular section. Penelope in Homers Odyssey was Odysseus faithful wife, who spurned suitors during his long absence whereas Molly Bloom was the opposite. She recounted her many lovers and was very Frank about sex. Here we have 2 readings in English and 2 in Spanish where Menchu Alcala will perform the last section.


Music and Songs

Throughout the event there will be music and songs connected with the novel such as;

The Croppy Boy, Raglan Road, Finnegan’s Wake, Molly Malone and more.

To get an invite to the Malaga event contact Raphael on WhatsApp 667449387


  • 16 June, 2024
11:00 am1:00 pm

  • Baños del Carmen, Málaga

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