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Bloomsday in Salerno

BLOOMSDAY Salerno 2024 is celebrating its tenth anniversary under the title T.E.N – The Extraordinary Novel.

The initiative, promoted by the James Joyce Cultural Association in Salerno with the support and collaboration of Fondazione Carisal with a rich program of meetings dedicated to James Joyce’s Ulysses, including music, theater, moments of debate and an exhibition of 18 works of art, each depicting a chapter in the novel. Curated by Vito Pinto, it will be held from June 15 to 22, 2024 at the San Michele Complex. Speakers include the mayor of Salerno, Vincent Naples, the President of the Salernitana Savings Fund Foundation, Domenico Credendino, the President of the Cultural Association James Joyce of Salerno, Bruna Autuori, and the curator of the exhibition, Vito Pinto. Giuseppe Iannicelli is moderating the event.

The full programme can be found on its website at

  • 15 - 22 June, 2024
9:00 am8:00 pm

  • Complesso S. Michele, Via San Michele, Salerno, SA, Italy

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